Project 1

Within this project, our goal is to generate knowledge about skiers’ behavior in avalanche terrain. We hope that our research will contribute to better backcountry and avalanche education, and to getting more people home safely from the mountains.

We want to learn about the following things:
What factors motivate skiers when they ski outside of the groomed slopes? What kind of terrain do they prefer? What amount of risk are they willing to accept to ski that terrain? How do other skiers in their skiing community behave, and how does that behavior affect their behavior in terms of risk?

During a first stage, we will collect and analyze data on so called stated preferences, that is hypothetical choices. The survey is collaboration between Andrea Mannberg (UiT), Jordy Hendrikx (MSU), Jerry Johnson (MSU), Markus Landrø ( UiT, NVE), and Msc student Maria Skjeldås. The goal of the survey is to obtain information on intended actions and preferences, but also to evaluate our test instruments. In a second stage, we will apply the same set of instruments on GPS data to analyze actual behavior.

The stated preference survey will be distributed in Norway during spring 2017. The results of our analysis will be presented on the White heat webpage, on the ACASS conference in Umeå in June 2017, on the Nordic Avalanche conference in Åndalsnes in November 2017, and on an avalanche seminar during autumn 2017 or spring 2018.

Participants in the Norwegian survey have the chance to win an Arva Reactor avalanche backpack, delivered by  7blåner.

The survey closes on May 29th.

The winner will be presented here on June 1st 2017.

To participate in the Norwegian survey, please follow this link.

Keep posted for more information!

UPDATE: Winner of the avalanche backpack from 7blåner.

So sorry, this information should have been posted on June 1st, but due to some technical problems the page was never updated. The winner of the avalanche backpack is identified via the code that you received at the end of the survey.

The winning code is: 30563

You received two codes at the end of the survey. If the above code matches one of these codes, you are the winner! Congratulations!

To get the avalanche backpack, simply send this code AND the other code that you got to this adress:

Thank you all once again for participating. Your answers have provided us with important and immensely interesting information. We will post preliminary results from the survey within as soon as possible, hopefully within a couple of weeks. The results will also be presented at the avalanche conference in Åndalsnes in November. Hope to see you there!